Ken, I am a recreational catch & release shark fisherman and you have inspired me to try my hand at Bluefin tuna fishing as it too has gone the way of catch & release. I have read your book and enjoy it down to all the fine details. You are my friend without a doubt indeed, the TUNA KING !
Capt. Tony MacDonald, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

"A pleasure to meet you last weekend at the seminar, it was nice to see a great fisherman who is humble and not all full of himself, wish you all the best with your book, hope you get to catch that 1000lb Marlin!"
David Kraus

After a couple years of being amazed at this massive fish, I am going tuna fishing myself. Just not the big kind; albacore. You have inspired me to be the best fisherman I could be.
Rocky Kemper, Buena Vista, CO

I am ordering the book for my fiance. He is your biggest fan.
Hope Aubin, USA

Fantastic book. We look forward to telling some of your stories within our Blue Fin Tuna Charter business, Waleaha Charters. All the best in the future.
Jamie Stewart, Antigonsh, Nova Scotia

Looking forward to reading up on the great bluefish fishery as it was in its heyday. Hard to imagine a fish so large, let alone a tuna.
Travis Anderson, Australia

It is a pleasure to help a great man and angler like you. I will be at your disposal whenever you want.
Riccardo Tamburni, Italy

And yes, perhaps you should retire and go back fishing.
Tim Simpson, Australia

My name is Blair McLean and I would love to get a copy of your book Possessed.
Blair McLean, New Zealand

I admire your accomplishment and look forward to reading about the particulars.
Richard Paglia, USA

Ken, WOW what a fish! A fish like that must be a blessing and a curse. How do you top that?
Capt. Greg Sears, USA

Ken, My friend Robert Cameron gave me a copy of Possesed, Thank You for taking the time to sign it. I am reading it for the second time. A great story of how a fishery and the required techniques are developed. One does learn more from the fish that get away than the ones you catch. John Paine
John Paine, USA

Just saw your site after a google search for largest fish. Cannot believe your record has lasted so long. That must be so cool! I was wondering, do you hope anyone ever beats it? I mean, what are the odds you caught the biggest ONE ever to exist? Anyway, congrats and fish on, dude!
Leslie Koller, Arkansas

I want to thank you for writing your book. There are so many fishermen out there who will not share their experiences, thank you for sharing yours.
Jim Gilpin, USA

My boyfriend is a a fisherman and all he wants for Christmas is your book Possessed.
Melissa Capuzzo, USA

I can't wait to read your book.
Mike Colbach, USA

Ken, you are the Babe Ruth of tuna fishing.
Capt. Greg Sears, USA

I am writing on behalf of a customer of ours who doesn't have access to the Internet.
Adam Duncombe, Australia

Yes I know about your giant tuna. I was a kid when I saw it for the first time in a French magazine named "Game Fish".
Julien Lajournade, France

All these people are excited about your book and i look forward to them reading it!
Richard B. Hardgitten, U.S.A.

I am apologizing in advance as my son Tyler is determined to break your record and truly idolizes you and what you have accomplished.
Marty McLaughlin, USA

Just got my copy of Possessed in the mail ! Talk about being stoked ! Might call in sick tomorrow just so I can get to Reading it ! Full of Giants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I can hardly wait !!!! Thank you Ken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Quartuccio

To hold the IGFA world record for giant bluefish tuna you are the man, a living legend.
Robert Cameron, USA

For 30 years, I have admired your catch and now I have discovered that you have written a book about it, I can't wait to read it.
Tim Simpson, Australia

You are every saltwater fisherman's hero, 1500 lbs, come on, that's just insane.
David Adcock, USA

I would like a copy of your book for my wife as a Christmas present.
Trevor Gunning, England

John McIntyre emailed me his review on your book Possessed. Great title and I am looking forward to reading it.
Jim Findlay, Australia

Ken, you are the "Tuna Pope"
Thomas Schmidt, Canada

Congratulations for your book Possessed, I can't wait to read it.
Jose L. Cort, Spain

I would like to receive a copy of your book Possessed if it is still available.
Rick Wineman, USA

For sure, I would like it signed, no need to ask. My dream apart from catching a grander blue marlin, would be to see our oceans no more being emptied by industrial fishing so that future generations may enjoy recreational fishing.
Guillaume Wiene, Mauritius

The book is gorgeous,recommended to all those possessed by a fever of Giant Tuna and more..greetings from Italy Ken.
Attilio & Maurizio (Italy), Procida Island

This tuna is one of the greatest game fish ever caught on rod & reel.
John MacIntyre, Australia

The book was a great read about the "GLORY DAYS" of fishing for tuna in NS & PEI. It really saddens me that we have NO sport fishing opportunities for the recreational take of tuna for sport fisherman in Nova Scotia in todays world. :-(
Randall Holman, Nova Scotia

Yes, I certainly do have your photo which I see daily on my study wall.
Frank Foster, Tasmania

I think my husband would just like your signature inside the front cover, no message, just your signature.
Belinda Tripodi, USA

I read about your book in an Australian magazine called Blue Water Boats and Sportsfishing.
Ara Kahramanian, Australia

That sounds great as from what I have heard from fishermen at North Lake, you are the best reference on the fishery.
Art Vineberg, Canada

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